• Mariah Dylla Gardiner Advocates for Women’s Rights

  • Posted on December 24, 2018
  • Prior to earning her law degree, Mariah curated an oral history museum exhibit telling the story of underground uranium miners in northwest New Mexico. To get that exhibit open, she was able to interview miners and use what they said to her to tell their entire story in the context of the Cold War, when the government and contractors concealed hazards and delayed implementation of safety regulations until the U.S. nuclear arsenal was complete. That demonstrates just how committed she is to anything she chooses to do. That’s just part of the reason gamily law attorney Mariah Dylla Gardiner has compiled an impressive law career.

    Currently a member of the Family Law practice at Black & Graham, P.C. in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Mariah Dylla Gardiner is a member of both the Utah and Colorado Bars, as well as the El Paso and Douglas County (Colorado) Bar Associations, and the Colorado Women’s Bar Association. Her impressive law career also includes a clerkship with a Department of the Interior administrative law judge, as well as considerable experience as an advocate for women’s rights all over the developing world.

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